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A frequent problem in classrooms is the lack of communication between teachers and parents. Often times, a student is doing poorly in school, but the parent doesn't know because the student doesn't want to tell the parents. Why not skip the middle man, or in this case, the middle child, and keep the parents updated through regular emails?

Classroom Update

{{Mrs. Smith's French}} Class Update

Dear {{first_name}},

We have an exciting month planned for our {{French}} class! We'll be beginning our unit on {{French Food}}, and we'll be exploring {{food vocabulary}} and {{grammar}}, as well as {{reading short stories}}

Here are a few important dates this month:

Vocabulary Quiz: {{Monday, October 10}}
Grammar Quiz: {{Friday, October 14}
Reading Quiz: {{Wednesday, October 19}}
Unit Test: {{Wednesday, October 26}}
French Food Tasting Party: {{Friday, October 28}}

This month, I'll be asking the class to {{bring French food to the party}}.

As always, quiz and test grades will be available two weeks after the assessment day. You can access them on the Parent Connect Website. 

Let me know if you have any questions! 

Warm Regards,

{{Mrs. Smith}}

Updating parents on a monthly basis will give them a heads up about what test and quizzes are coming up, and emailing students isn't a terrible idea, either! That way, everyone is aware of the class expectations and when the grades will be available. 

Concerned for Student

A few concerns from {{Mrs. Smith}}

Dear {{first_name}},

I'm a bit concerned about {{Student's Name}}'s {{behavior/grade on the last test/body odor}}. Could we set up a time to talk? {{Student's Name}} has been doing so well, I'd hate to see {{him/her}} slipping in class!

Warm Regards, 

{{Mrs. Smith}}

If you're concerned, just click, fill in, and send. You won't have to hesitate and wonder if the parents really want to get involved. If you're concerned, chances are they want to know. 

In Conclusion...

Keeping parents connected to the classroom is one of the most important ways you can ensure your students' success. Plus, when your students know that you're communicating regulary with their parents, it will be clear that they can't slack and fly under the radar. 

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