When you're early in your startup, I believe that every single person that finds your site and signs up for whatever it is you are selling should be treated like someone that can refer you to 1,000 more customers.

So, during the earlier days of Tout, I tried to get a telephone conversation going with each and every person that bothered to sign up for my service. 

It was easy, I just followed up on every signup (by a person I didn't already personally know) by sending them this email template:

New Customer Welcome

This is the subject of the Email Template...

Dear {{first_name}},

First of all, thank you for signing up for Tout. I wanted to reach out to you personally to see how everything is going. And, since we're constantly looking to improve our service, any feedback would be immensely helpful as well.

There are three ways you can give us your insights, you can either fill out this brief 8-question survey: http://survey.io/survey/b9d4e (it usually takes about 4 minutes to complete), you can just hit reply and write out your thoughts over e-mail OR, you can just call me directly at 646.519.7216.

I am looking forward to hearing from you!



I used a Survey.io survey in this case, and then later on moved to a WuFoo form for more custom questions.

When its early, and so many of your assumptions are being tested, it is incredibly valuable to follow up with customers/prospects in this way. I was surprised at how conversations that resulted from this email template shaped so much of our product development.

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